Sunday, March 21, 2004

Thai in 5 Minuten

Stella sacht:
So that was Thailand.

Some things will never be the same again.

tinned thuna
tinned pineapples
bounty or any kind of sweets with coconut flavour
indoor pools with wave mashine every half hour
potted palm trees
baltic sea beach with 15 degrees
thai restaurants

(to be continued)

What ever else did we do? We went to the pictures, they showed a thai horror film, reminding of 'The Ring'. One has to mention the exozisms of the buddhist monk - you need, very gothic, the coffins of people who died violent deaths, which you trade with the guy from the cemetery against a bottle of schnapps. Not to forget the cinema's rat population. I counted at least 6, on their way from the upper to the lower ranks, the view was better in the front seats no doubt.

Then we went to Koh Tao, a cute little island with 75 natives and umpty-five divers, which had been completely converted into an adventure playground for western prosperity kids of all ages. A cross between disneyland and suburbian allotment. On one coast cocktail bars and internet cafes - on the other, only three quarters of an hour on foot, cosy bays and diving schools and 'Finding Nemo' landscapes even in shallow water. In the middle - a mountain, which means each way, no matter in which direction, is an adventure in itself.

No matter what - go snorkeling! There ARE rainbow fish!

Oh, and another tip: Whatever you do, pass Wakaf Bahru on your way to malaysian national parks, and spend some time in the guest house opposite the station. There, you're served fresh coffee first of all and papayas from the own garden, you get a four-poster bed with pink net curtain and a tour of the owner's holiday photo album, from when he went to Lausanne and Heidelberg. And his singing birds in the yard.

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