Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Die Schönheit des Winters

Wenn die Welt so in Zuckerguss getaucht ist, und die perfekte Temperatur herrscht, dass man fast jede einzelne Schneeflocke auf den Ästen bewundern kann, bleibt einem nur noch, vor Ehrfurcht den Atem anzuhalten. Obwohl, eigentlich möchte man ja die klare Luft in sich einsaugen.
Mein Kirschbaum ist gerade mit seinem weißen Kleid genauso geschmückt wie im Frühjahr kurz bevor die Knospen aufbrechen.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Mork vom Ork

The Novemberfrenzy that was Nano is over - I won with 51,000 words! :o) Go me - the December until Octoberfrenzy that is Nano Aftermath has begun. Chakka!
No idea why I've suddenly reverted to English. My story is written in German.
It snowed today and I'm finally getting into the whole Advent thing, which has somewhat jumped at me from behind a shed this year and blew an overloud raspberry in my face. The neighbours put their wooden fir candle holder up tonight and that's the signal - the season has begun. Ok! I can feel Decembery, if it's required! My new resolution that started 4 years ago - to have lots of time in December and not much hectic - has been put in place again this year, the only job being still the renovations, with the electrician starting the final week of wall-opening frenzy this Wednesday (at 7.35 - don't tradies have to sleep, too? :D) and me getting into plastering, bricklaying and tile deconstructing for the final time this year.
My back problems, which started this summer in the swing of lots of gardening and constant shifting of heavy boxes and furniture and didn't improve with the end of the open pool season and the recent month of heavy typing *g* are finally being seen to with a bout of accupuncture starting tomorrow morning!
I've had a bit of experience with that in Sydney 6 years ago and expect pain and relief in hopefully not equal amounts. :) My concept writing for self-employment as a systemic counsellor is in flow.
As always, life and death are entities that belong together, and a former flatmate is currently living through the final phase of his life. My thoughts are with him and his friends and family.
Enjoy the now, you people out there.