Wednesday, March 09, 2005

You know you've been in Australia for too long when...
  1. ... the dj in your bar asks all the women, if they're wearing thongs and you think "Thongs, in mid-winter? I've never heard anything as preposterous..." before you click, when more then half the arms go up

  2. ... you try and talk your customers out of drinking Fosters, cause it's crap

  3. ... you say 'no worries, mate' to everyone, and can't possible remember, what on earth you said in those situations before

Da sich das mal wieder kaum uebersetzen laesst, versuche ich's erst gar nicht... Das Photo ist von nem Strand auf Kaenguruh Island, wo ich jetzt gern waere - ich hoffe aber, bald vielleicht ein paar Manchester-photos scannen zu koennen.