Monday, November 08, 2010

Day 103 in Mae Sot
Well, the elections happened yesterday and it is probably safe to say that they were a complete and utter failure, if the plan was to have them "free and democratic".
At the end of Sunday, fighting was starting between a splinter group of the Karen-based DKBA and burmese government troops, which escalated today.

The fighting resulted in approximately 10,000 refugees fleeing across the Moei into town today, welcomed by the Thai authorities and supported by local NGOs, which all seemed to work hand in hand in an organised way, suggesting that this was not an unexpected result of Election Day.
Probably unexpected though was the rogue grenade that hit the Thai side near the "Friendship Bridge", killing a dog and injuring a few people.

The Thai army have had reinforcements and are trying to de-escalate.

The refugees are currently being cared for and protected in 3 makeshift camps along the Asia Highway.
Here are two NGO workers from the Red Cross escorting one of the many refugee trucks through the blocked-off border area from the river to the temporary camps.

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