Thursday, October 02, 2014

Downturn Abbey

***If anyone is lagging behind as much as me: spoiler alert for seasons 3/4 ***
Though I still don't really do telly, I got a bit hooked on series (old and new) lately and watched Downton season 3 on DVD this week.
After the shocking end and finding out that the next season was already out I ordered it straight away and spent today anticipating the parcel. What can I say, I've never experienced such an anticlimax in my life! Whatever you thought of Matthew, I just can't believe that this character would so unceremoniously be cast aside after that lead up. I mean, literally. What ARE those screenwriters thinking? Happy to spend 20 episodes intricately building up suspense to the extent of everyone grinding their teeth wanting to smack their heads together - to end in 5 seconds without so much as a proper send off, being upstaged by a runaway maid?
I am majorly peeved off.
They have some explaining to do.

What shall I watch next, until Christmas 2015, when Sherlock continues?

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